Around the World in 12 Cakes – Japan

11 countries down, just one to go! This month’s cake served a dual purpose – as well as ticking off another country off the map it was also my sister-in-law’s birthday and with the Japanophile back in town for a whirlwind trip the obvious destination was Japan.

I had seen the tutorial to this cute little sushi cake on the fabulous Cake Style’s youtube page and wanted to make it straight away. Luckily Vanessa’s tutorial was nice and easy and I was able to roll this one up on the nights after work while avoiding our houseguest seeing her cake before the big reveal.

The filling for this sushi roll you ask? A delicious vanilla butter cake and white chocolate ganache wrapped in black fondant nori and topped with fondant ‘rice’ made with the pasta machine, avocado, cucumber, salmon, a dab of wasabi and pickled ginger. I also made the cake board look like a bamboo mat using my fancy new airbrush to created the wooden look.

After a busy day selling her beautiful jewellery at the Olive Tree Market Emma, the boy and I drove down to Sydney for a birthday dinner at Emma’s favourite Japanese restaurant Sabu where the staff and guests fell in love with my little cake too. 

SushiCake Full 2

SushiCake Full 1

SushiCake Closeup 2

Sushicake Angle 1