Around the World in 12 Cakes - Month 3 - Ireland

Top o’ the mornin’ to ya! They say that everyone is Irish on Saint Parick’s Day so why not celebrate than with a tipple and this chocolate, hazelnut and Baileys cake in a nod to the Green Isle.

I love the ruffle finish on this cake – it reminds me of one of my favourite childhood treats, Vienetta and gives this cake that extra bit of wow factor (but I’ll let you in on a little secret, it is surprisingly easy to decorate).

To save the boy and I from slowly eating ourselves stupid, I took half of the cake into work – 6 girls and chocolate cake - poor cake didn’t stand a chance. Or so I thought. One by one my lovely Cacti made their way out to the kitchen and came back to tell me that the cake smelt amazing to which I replied telling them that the point of cake was to eat it. The girls cottoned on and by all accounts, the cake was delicious.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, here’s cheers to the luck of the Irish!

Baileys Cake 3
Baileys Cake 4
Baileys Cake 1
Baileys Cake 2