Come In!

Hi my name is Lena and I'm a cake-a-holic. First time blogger, long time cake eater.

In the interest of full disclosure until three days ago I never thought this blog would actually come to fruition but now that it is here I am completely in love.

I have always loved cake - one of the best parts of any birthday, wedding or social gathering if you ask me - but I never really imagined that this love could turn into a full-fledged infatuation, with the opportunity to generate a bit of money on the side!

My journey began two years ago when my boy gave me a gift voucher to attend a cake decorating course run by the lovely Jon and Vanessa ( After my first visit I was hooked and found myself spending hours oohing and aahing over cake blogs and cook books. I attended a few more classes and starting making cakes for friends and family in our tiny kitchen after work and on weekends.

About six months ago the idea for my little blog started. I searched for songs with cake in the title and stumbled upon this little beauty and it all seemed to fit. So the domain name was registered... and that's as far as I got. I work for a great little advertising agency and always thought that I would sit with one of the lovely designers and we would come up with something beautiful but we just never got around to it. Fast forward to last Thursday night when I was enjoying a delicious birthday dinner with my boy - he handed me this little piece of paper.


Confused, I typed the address into my phone and my very own, pretty blog (complete with rainbow sprinkles) appeared! My talented web-developer boy had worked in secret with our equally talented friend to bring to life!

It is beyond what I could have imagined.

I did wonder if I could just keep the cupcake ipsum place holder copy (see below) but will instead share with you my cake dreams. I hope you enjoy :)

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