Ethan's Fire Engine Cake

This little fire engine was the first cake that I was asked to make for a little boy - had to change my thinking from girly colours and flowers to the brief from Ethan's lovely mum Linda - racing cars, Bob The Builder and fire engines.

Ethan is a beautiful boy full of energy, so I knew the cake had to be bright. I settled on a fire engine cake - vanilla buttercake with homemade blueberry and honey filling (Ethan's go-to fruit). A simple rectangle with minimal carving required.

I mixed the icing and added (a lot) of red food colouring with a touch of cocoa to intensify the colour, but I still wasn't completely happy, but thought it was probably enough colouring for a two year olds birthday party. When I moved into another room with better lighting, the icing was definitely a fantastic fire engine red!

I topped the cake off with lollies for the lights, licorice rope for the hose and sugar sticks for the ladder on top.

A fun little cake for a little boy always on the go. I hope Ethan, his Mum and Dad and new baby sister all had fun at the party and loved the cake.

Ethans fire engine cake