Grug and the Rainbow - Wilson is Three

I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow too. Sharing our birthday is not the only thing that Wilson and I have in common - he totally shares my love of Grug too! Grug books were a childhood favourite of mine so I was excited when Wilson decided on a 'Grug and the rainbow' cake for his 3rd birthday party.

Wilson celebrated his birthday with a beautiful day at Readhead beach with lots of yummy food, sunshine and even a handmade Grug costume (it was seriously so cool). 

Wilson's chocolate Grug cake was a big hit with all of the kids wanting to share a piece of the cake with the rainbow on it. Grug's body was piped in buttercrean to create his fur and I painted the rainbow with Edible Art Paint. The topper was made by A la Roche and I coloured it to look like the title of the book cover.
Note to self: Paint a bigger rainbow next time. Another thing Wilson and I have in common... out love of cake. That happy, cake face really does say it all.