Sometimes things just make Commonsense

After my Grandma passed away, I was given a box of full of recipes - handwritten, magazine clippings, CWA cookbooks and the Commonsense Cookery Book. I always loved the desserts and sweets or her era, especially the biscuits made with milk powder which gave them that perfect crumbly, rich texture - these will always be Grandma biscuits to me. 

A couple of weeks ago while I was flipping through the pages of my Grandma's Commonsense Cookery Book, I stumbled across a page that literally took my breath away. 

I had looked through this book many times before and was again having a little chuckle over the ads from the 50s for Swift Potted Meat, Success Super-Sifted Self Raising Flour - nothing suceeds like success, Pyrex dishes and the ever so delightful ad for Camp Berlei 'Corrective' (don't sit down if you're too tired and can't stand up straight, just slip on your corrective and keep on ironing!) - when I turned the page to an ad for Aunt Mary's Cream of Tartar Baking Powder. To my complete surprise the advertising slogan for this ad was 'If I Knew You Were Coming I'd Have Baked a Cake'!

Well slap me silly and call me Susan! I had looked through this book and had never once before seen this page - just goes to show that somethings just make sense and happen for a reason and those you love are still with you even when they aren't.  


Baked a Cake


Inside pages2


Baking Powder2