The Techniques of a Caker - Cake Lace

Just a quick little blog post this month as we are in the middle of moving house (insert happy dance mixed with exhaustion here). I had a couple of lace mats laying around to try out, so in between the packing of boxes and trips between both houses, I quickly painted a dummy cake with fluro pink food colouring and the base for my cake lace was complete.

This was my first time using cake lace and I was pretty happy with the result, with just a few air bubbles. The cake lace comes in a two part solution with a liquid and a powder that you beat the living daylights out of in the mixer and then spread over the mat with a pallet knife and pop in the oven to set. The tricky part is peeling the lace away from the mat and I ended up looking like I'd had a fight with white out a couple of times when it hadn't completely set. 

I love the contrast of the stark white and the fluro pink. What do you think?

MG 6928 web

MG 6922 web

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