Wilson is Two

My little birthday buddy, Wilson celebrated his 2nd birthday last month and I had the pleasure of making his birthday cake. 

Wilson’s favourite toy is his ‘White Bunny Rabbit’ - the cute little rabbit with those droopy ears and blanket that is a comfort to so many little ones - and his Mum and Dad asked if I could create a 3D white bunny rabbit. Now carving and I aren’t great friends so I enlisted the help of The Boy to carve the body and I moulded the head, arms and legs out of rice bubbles. The ears had originally been made out of fondant but I was worried that they were going to be too heavy so at the eleventh hour, I changed them to trusty wafer paper that allowed me to shape the ears and attach them without being to heavy. I finished the cake off with a mini cake topper from Glistening Occasions

It seems that Wilson and I not only share a birthday, but also a love of cake! Wilson’s mum, Ali, told me that Wilson thought that his White Bunny Rabbit was a cupcake just for him. The pure joy on his face when tucking into his cake is the reason why all the late nights and meltdowns of cake making are worth it. 

*Outdoor photo credit again go to Wilson's beautiful mum, Ali x