Baby Love | Kim's Baby Shower

Oh this baby is going to be so unbelievably loved! Kim and Mike will soon be joined by their little ‘Steggy’ and I can’t wait to meet him/her. 

Kim and I are just as bad at making decision as I am, so with that in mind, we decided that her baby shower cake should be based on the beautiful invitations that she designed for the baby shower - a beautiful textured watercolour creation. Armed with my spatula and rainbow of icing colours, I dabbed and smeared the icing to create the water colour effect. Like a typical artist, I was’t completely happy with the cake the night before the party so I decided to sleep on it. 

I woke in the morning with fresh eyes and decided to hand paint white ‘Oh Baby’ on the front of the cake and liked it all a whole lot better. It’s all in the detail.

The baby shower was a beautiful afternoon with a few fun games and delicious food - oh, and cake! 

I'm going to miss this lovely lady when she leaves our little work bubble to become a Mummy, but I can't wait for those baby snuggles.