Kishaya's 18th Birthday

Last month the boy and I made the trek home to celebrate the 18th birthday of his little sister (she may not be the littlest sister anymore, but for a long time she was, so the fact that she is now 18 just blows my mind - and makes me feel really old). Armed with fancy dress costumes starting with the letter 'K' (the bogan school girl Kylie Mole for me and Kindergarten Cop for him) and a colour theme of pink and black I had just the cake in mind for this special birthday. 

Perfectly pink and pretty - a pink ombre white chocolate buttercream covered red velvet cake topped with pink hubba-bubba poprock macarons and a black sparkly topper from the lovely A la Roch! True to form, there were a couple of panicked moments (not enough buttercream to fill the cake and lumps of chocolate in the buttercream) were of course fixed by wonderful solutions offered by the boy. 

The birthday girl and everyone else love the cake with just one slice left over. Safe to say I was so glad I got to make a cake for the little girl who used to make me presents out of pipe cleaners and write me get well cards when I was sick - where have the last 10 years gone?