Sweet Peas and Sweet Pocky

I had wanted to make this cake for ages, ever since I saw the Sprinkle Bakes version a couple of years ago but time, and lack of Pocky sticks kept seeing it get pushed into the back of my caking mind. That was until I finally tracked down the illustrious pink Pocky sticks from an Asian grocer.

I chose the delicious Elderflower cake from Call Me Cupcake but tarted it up just a little with a delightfully zingy raspberry curd. I whipped this beauty up one night after work and was so happy with not only the flavor of the cake but with how quick it came together. It looks so fancy with the Pocky sticks standing up in the air.

With so many different flavoured Pocky sticks available, the flavor combinations are endless. This is a great low fuss-full impact cake that would be great for a birthday or engagement party, or lets face it, any old day you feel like cake.